The Custard Files: Chocolate Peanut Butter Pretzel

chocolate peanut butter pretzel

chocolate peanut butter pretzel

The weather is finally starting to warm up* and with warm weather comes the triumphant return of the custard files!

The custard masters at Shake Shack must be reading our dream journals because chocolate peanut butter pretzel is something out of our collective subconscious.  As we have learned before, the custard flavors with chunks–cake, cookies, doughnuts– cannot be blended into shake form (Julianna takes some issue with this, citing cookies and cream milkshakes as an example of blendable chunks) so we both went with a single scoop in a cup.

Since this was our first custard date of 2011 we decided to splurge and get lunch as well, so by the time we got to our custard it had gotten a nice and gooey.  The general consensus was this was the most custard-y custard we have had to date. Often the line between frozen custard and ice cream isn’t particularly apparent, but in this case the rich egg-y goodness that makes frozen custard so tasty was front and center.  The chocolate peanut butter custard almost had a mouse-like  texture to it and the  pretzel bites were nicely distributed.  The general consensus was that this custard was pretty close to perfect.

That previously mentioned richness, however conquered Vanessa, and she was very sadly unable to finish her scoop (this might have had something to do with the burger and fries she had just eaten). Julianna, on the other hand, was wishing she had had the forethought to order it as a concrete with caramel added.

After much debate we give it a 4.75, but add some caramel and this thing would be OFF THE SCALE.

*after all the snow we had this winter 45 degrees is AWESOME.

Rating: 4.75 (julianna’s 4.5 and Vanessa’s 5)


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The Custard Files: Coconut Caramel


coconut caramel

coconut caramel


There was a lot of anticipation for this flavor. Both Vanessa and I LOVE coconut and caramel-y things.  Vanessa had memories of a dessert at a DC tex mex restaurant called “cajeta” that was a coconut caramel-y treat and she was hoping that the custard would replicate that.  I just can’t ever get enough coconut in my life, so I was excited.

We split a milkshake and in an effort to replicate the cajeta we created a concrete of the custard with walnuts (we would have preferred pecans), caramel, and coconut.  The milkshake didn’t pack as much of a coconut-y punch as we would have liked, and the caramel was a bit too sweet. The concrete also could have used more coconut. It was good– but not good enough. It could have used more coconut flakes and maybe a saltier caramel. The bites of pure custard in the concrete however, were pretty awesome, so we thing we should have gone with custard over a milkshake this time.

Rating: 3.5

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The Best Chocolate Cake in the World?

Straight to the Point

Straight to the Point

Julianna’s birthday was last week, so we felt like cake was in order. Vanessa had read about the opening of “The Best Chocolate Cake in the World” in Soho recently,  we though this only appropriate for our first cake tasting.

We each ordered a slice. Julianna enjoys bitter chocolate, so she got the bittersweet (70% cocoa) and Vanessa ordered the original (53% cocoa). Apparently they also have a bitter, zero-sugar version lower calorie option but we didn’t see that.

When we ordered the server asked if we  would like milk or coffee, Julianna thought that was a sign that we were in for a serious chocolate treat.  Vanessa was less impressed. While we waited for  our cake we noticed the girls next to us enthusiastically scraping their plates with their forks.  in Julianna’s  opinion this was  another good sign.

the best chocolate cake in the world

the "best chocolate cake in the world"

The cake was delivered. Although its not the fanciest looking thing in the world, what it lacks in looks it makes up for in taste.  The cake is composed of layers of chocolate meringue and chocolate mousse with a thin glaze of ganache.  Vanessa argues that since it was flourless it was more of a torte than a cake, conjuring up the old pie v. cake debate. Julianna didn’t really care what they called it, she just wanted to eat more.  Both the bitter sweet and the original are rather sweet and rich, despite that it was still light and not too filling (we guess the meringue helps keep it light).  Neither of us were willing to give it the title of the best chocolate cake in the world, but we definitely thought it was delicious!

Rating: 4.25 (average of Julianna’s 5 and Vanessa’s 3.5)

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