please excuse the lack of custard reviews for the past few weeks. it got VERY COLD in nyc and the parade of holiday treats in our office has our tastebuds preoccupied.


we hope to return soon with reviews of WARM desserts!


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The Custard Files: Shackenstein

With a name like Shackenstein we expected two things of this flavor.  The first was that it would be green and the second that it would be a real mash up of flavors.  Sadly, the custard only delivered on the first expectation.



SHACKENSTEIN!!! and yummy lemonades.

As you can see, it was VERY green. The components of the custard were green vanilla custard, fudge bites, and chocolate cake bites. The green custard was visually confusing, when things are green we expect them to TASTE GREEN- mint, cucumber, etc.

As for the components, the chocolate was great, but Julianna felt that with a name that was obviously a play on Frankenstein  the custard should have been more of a monster.


Rating: 2.5


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The Custard Files: S’mores



We were both girlscouts, which means we have both spend many hours toasting marshmallows and making gooey dessert sandwiches around a campfire. Which mean we were excited to try the S’mores flavor.  Shake Shack’s translation was chocolate custard with marshmallow fluff swirls and graham cracker pieces. Vanessa got a cone and Julianna got a milkshake.

The Shack gets points for using all the original ingredients (thought you couldn’t really taste them in the shake), but Vanessa wishes there was more graham to offset the sweetness of the marshmallow. The sugar, plus the richness of the chocolate custard proved to be too much–Vanessa couldn’t even finish her cone, which is unheard of.  In the end, the girls decided the definitely prefer real s’mores over this over-the-top version.

Rating: 2.5

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The Custard Files: Boston Cream Pie

Before the sampling began, Vanessa had to explain what real Boston Cream Pie was to Julianna (who had only ever had the doughnut, but not the real thing): a cake with vanilla pudding or custard between the layers, topped with a chocolate glaze or ganache.  We wondered, as we often do, how they were going to pull this flavor off–it seemed complicated. The result was a custard that tasted vaguely of cake batter (that flavor was stronger in the plain custard than the shake), and had a hint of chocolate. It was pretty good, but the problem with cake batter-flavored things is, they never seems to quite measure up to real cake batter (and this didn’t either).  We do, however, applaud Shake Shake for attempting such a specific flavor.

Rating: 3

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What is this? Can’t you spell desert?

It started with a milk shake. Well, more than a just a shake–a Friday afternoon, a milk shake, french fries, and a deep-fried cheese-stuffed portobello mushroom burger and two girls realizing just how much they love dessert.

There is a lot of good food in New York and a whole lot of good dessert. So, we are going to taste and review one sweet thing a week until we run out (which will probably be never). Our inaugural project is “The Custard Files”: an attempt to try one flavor of Shake Shack frozen custard every week until we have tried them all (except for anything raspberry–which Julianna hates, or anything mango, which Vanessa can’t stand).

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