The Custard Files: Figs & Honey

Figs & Honey

Figs & Honey

Sadly Vanessa was unavailable for taste testing on Sunday,  I had to call up  a few guest testers.   Raquel, Kristen and I already had plans to see Nortorius and Notable at the Museum of the City of New York, so this seemed like a good time to check out the new Upper East Side location of Shake Shack.

To be honest, I am not the biggest fan of the new location. It was super crowded and the subterranean garden level feel of it is a little unsettling. The garden seating is nice however, and gives you a little more of the Madison Square Park feel.

But really, the issue at hand is Figs & Honey Custard.  Both my taste testers risked lactoses intolerance induced upset stomach to try the custard, and i think the general consensus was if it made anyone sick it would be well worth it.  The fig flavor was right on, although not too over powering, and the honey added sweetness without fighting with the fig and complementing the richness of the custard. It definitely tasted like pureed figs had been used.

I thought it would taste extra great in a milkshake, giving a light smoothie like quality to the drink. Kristen and Raquel recoiled at the idea of more milk though, understandable I guess.  I couldn’t  really think of anything that would have improved it, not even salt or peanut butter!

Rating: 4.5


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The Custard Files: Strawberry-Pistachio

For our last July tasting Vanessa wasn’t able to make it, so I had to request help from my friend Casey.

We were pretty excited about strawberry-pistachio,  it seemed like it would be a very refreshing treat since we have been having such a hot July. Casey went for the single dip of custard and I went all out for the milkshake.  Both the custard and the milkshake were tasty, sadly we were so overwhelmed by the flavor of the fresh strawberries that the pistachio was hardly noticeable.  Casey had been hoping for more of the salty pistachio to contrast with the sweet strawberry. I felt that the richness of the custard added to the overall taste, but I also would have like more of a pistachio flavor.

Rating: 3

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The Custard Files: Black and White Milkshake

While we were busy shoving our faces full of Boston Creme Pie on Wednesday, our dear friend Emily enjoyed a Black and White Milkshake from Shake Shack.

We spend so much time trying to sample the specials custards we dont get to give a  lot of attention to the regular flavors, so it was nice to have Emily putting her two cents in.

She liked her Black and White milkshake, but it wasn’t what she had expected.  A native of Florida, Emily was hoping for a milkshake in the vein of the Stake and Shake side by side with half vanilla and half chocolate ice cream, instead of vanilla ice cream with chocolate sauce through out. Despite her disappointment, she couldn’t argue with it’s deliciousness.

Rating: 3

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A Break from Shake Shack

We don’t have a new Shake Shack custard review for last week because Julianna might have over indulged in desserts a bit that weekend.  She went to visit a friend in Philadelphia and discovered the delight that is the Franklin Fountain!

For her review of the Franklin Fountain she had two helpers, Jenny and Leslie.

The server was very nice and let us try a few flavors before we made our selections. We ended up with a cherry bomb (chocolate ice cream in cherry soda), a scoop of peach, and a scoop of ginger. We also tried teaberry, cotton candy, chocolate mint, and banana.

Julianna enjoyed her cherry bomb, although the cherry soda tasted pretty medicine-y at first.  It was better after the ice cream melted more.  The teaberry also had a taste that brought back childhood memories of that pink penicillin.   The cotton candy was VERY sweet. The fruit flavors (banana, peach, and ginger) were strong, but in an awesome way. And the chocolate mint was more mint than chocolate.  All and all we gave the Franklin Fountain high marks. But it isn’t subject to the regular scale since it’s not someplace we can return to often to try new flavors.

Leslie returned to New York with us. On Sunday, after she and Julianna took and ill advised NOON walk over the Williamsburg Bridge, Julianna’s iPhone led them to Lulu and Mooky’s Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream Shop.

This place was exciting for two reasons. The first, SCIENCE! they use liquid nitrogen to cool your ice cream or fruit puree. The second, they have an incredible selection of flavors, which you can select from to basically make anything you want. Julianna went with Peach and Honey Ice Cream and Leslie selected Passion Fruit and Pomegranate puree.  Both were delicious, but they do inflate the price a bit for the novelty of it. We think it’s worth the occasional visit, but nothing to go out of your way for.

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