Doughnut Plant: A Review

New York is full of neighborhood places. The sort of places that only locals know about to get a perfect sandwich, scoop of ice cream, bagel, or pastry. These places are often the sort of places that open at 6 am and close when the run out. Doughnut Plant is one of those place… or it was until last month, when they officially became a chain and opened a second location in Chelsea, a little too close to DessertedIsland HQ.

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So far we (mainly Julianna, she is more interested in doughnuts) have tried 4 types of doughnuts at the new Doughnut Plant. Here is a quick breakdown.

Blackberry jam with vanilla glaze: Doughnut Plant jam filled doughnuts still feature holes (because really, is it a doughnut without a hole? or just a pastry?)  but are square to make sure there is enough room for the filling.  This one is tops. Too often people choose raspberry over the far superior blackberry, and I love that Doughnut Plant has not one but TWO doughnuts that feature it. Rating: 4 (julianna)

Organic Orange: A good solid doughnut, if it didn’t cost three dollars it might have gotten a higher rating. The flavor is very delicate and subtle. General consensus was it could have had more kick. Rating:3.5 (irina and julianna)

Coconut Cream: This was acquired for Vanessa’s birthday back in March. Again, a square doughnut, a novelty which Julianna never ceases to be entertained by. In general, very tasty real coconut flavor. Not overly sweet or artificial. But we both wanted more coconut flakes, either outside or insied.  Half of the pleasure of coconut is the texture. Rating: 3.5 (julianna and vanessa)

Peanut Butter and Blackberry Jam: This is the doughnut that Doughnut Plant is deservedly famous for. It has been featured on “the best thing I ever ate” and ” Throwdown with Bobby Flay.”  Everything about this doughnut rules.  The blackberry jam is great, not too sweet. The peanut butter glaze is made with CRUNCHY peanut butter. This is one of those awesome serendipitous combinations of food.  Rating: 5 (julianna)

There are still so many doughnuts to review….  stay tuned.


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