The Custard Files: Cinnamon Spice and Everything Nice

cinnamon spice and everything nice

cinnamon spice and everything nice

First, let us give props to Julianna for her mad computer-drawing skillz. We keep on forgetting to take pictures of our custards because we eat it too quickly, so she has stepped up to the plate and provided illustrations. *Golf clapping*

Anyhoo, fall is finally here in NewYork, so this flavor was a nice introduction to the colder months to come. It was, as the name suggested, cinnamon-y and spice-y, and reminded us of a chai latte. It worked better as straight custard–the flavor got diluted in milkshake form. Julianna also complained that her milkshake was not “milkshake-y enough”–and Vanessa is still trying to figure out what that means. Julianna insists the milk-to-custard ratio in her shake was skewed, but that’s not the actual custard’s fault. In any case, it was a nice fall flavor–nothing ground-breaking, but enjoyable notheless.

Rating: 3.5


October 4, 2010. Tags: , , , , , . The Custard Files.

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