The Custard Files: S’mores



We were both girlscouts, which means we have both spend many hours toasting marshmallows and making gooey dessert sandwiches around a campfire. Which mean we were excited to try the S’mores flavor.  Shake Shack’s translation was chocolate custard with marshmallow fluff swirls and graham cracker pieces. Vanessa got a cone and Julianna got a milkshake.

The Shack gets points for using all the original ingredients (thought you couldn’t really taste them in the shake), but Vanessa wishes there was more graham to offset the sweetness of the marshmallow. The sugar, plus the richness of the chocolate custard proved to be too much–Vanessa couldn’t even finish her cone, which is unheard of.  In the end, the girls decided the definitely prefer real s’mores over this over-the-top version.

Rating: 2.5


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The Custard Files: Coconut Caramel


coconut caramel

coconut caramel


There was a lot of anticipation for this flavor. Both Vanessa and I LOVE coconut and caramel-y things.  Vanessa had memories of a dessert at a DC tex mex restaurant called “cajeta” that was a coconut caramel-y treat and she was hoping that the custard would replicate that.  I just can’t ever get enough coconut in my life, so I was excited.

We split a milkshake and in an effort to replicate the cajeta we created a concrete of the custard with walnuts (we would have preferred pecans), caramel, and coconut.  The milkshake didn’t pack as much of a coconut-y punch as we would have liked, and the caramel was a bit too sweet. The concrete also could have used more coconut. It was good– but not good enough. It could have used more coconut flakes and maybe a saltier caramel. The bites of pure custard in the concrete however, were pretty awesome, so we thing we should have gone with custard over a milkshake this time.

Rating: 3.5

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The Custard Files: Cinnamon Spice and Everything Nice

cinnamon spice and everything nice

cinnamon spice and everything nice

First, let us give props to Julianna for her mad computer-drawing skillz. We keep on forgetting to take pictures of our custards because we eat it too quickly, so she has stepped up to the plate and provided illustrations. *Golf clapping*

Anyhoo, fall is finally here in NewYork, so this flavor was a nice introduction to the colder months to come. It was, as the name suggested, cinnamon-y and spice-y, and reminded us of a chai latte. It worked better as straight custard–the flavor got diluted in milkshake form. Julianna also complained that her milkshake was not “milkshake-y enough”–and Vanessa is still trying to figure out what that means. Julianna insists the milk-to-custard ratio in her shake was skewed, but that’s not the actual custard’s fault. In any case, it was a nice fall flavor–nothing ground-breaking, but enjoyable notheless.

Rating: 3.5

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