The Custard Files: Red Velvet

Red velvet custard, drawn by julianna

We were very curious about this flavor. We love red velvet cake (it seems to be in abundance both in the South, where Julianna is from, and Brooklyn, where we both live now), We were worried, however, that it would be cake batter-flavored custard dyed red. It was a pleasant suprise when we were handed a cup of what appeared to be vanilla custard with small pieces of red velvet cake in it. It was an even MORE pleasant suprise to find the custard actually tasted like cream-cheese frosting (which sounds gross, but is actually good).

The dissapointing thing was that the proportions were off. We wanted more red velvet cake chunks (as a cake is mostly, well, cake, with some frosting, whereas this tasted like all frosting with a bit of cake.) Still, pretty tasty.

Rating: 3


September 15, 2010. Tags: , , , , , , . The Custard Files.

One Comment

  1. jenny replied:

    i like your drawing!

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