The Custard Files: Figs & Honey

Figs & Honey

Figs & Honey

Sadly Vanessa was unavailable for taste testing on Sunday,  I had to call up  a few guest testers.   Raquel, Kristen and I already had plans to see Nortorius and Notable at the Museum of the City of New York, so this seemed like a good time to check out the new Upper East Side location of Shake Shack.

To be honest, I am not the biggest fan of the new location. It was super crowded and the subterranean garden level feel of it is a little unsettling. The garden seating is nice however, and gives you a little more of the Madison Square Park feel.

But really, the issue at hand is Figs & Honey Custard.  Both my taste testers risked lactoses intolerance induced upset stomach to try the custard, and i think the general consensus was if it made anyone sick it would be well worth it.  The fig flavor was right on, although not too over powering, and the honey added sweetness without fighting with the fig and complementing the richness of the custard. It definitely tasted like pureed figs had been used.

I thought it would taste extra great in a milkshake, giving a light smoothie like quality to the drink. Kristen and Raquel recoiled at the idea of more milk though, understandable I guess.  I couldn’t  really think of anything that would have improved it, not even salt or peanut butter!

Rating: 4.5


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The Custard Files: Red Velvet

Red velvet custard, drawn by julianna

We were very curious about this flavor. We love red velvet cake (it seems to be in abundance both in the South, where Julianna is from, and Brooklyn, where we both live now), We were worried, however, that it would be cake batter-flavored custard dyed red. It was a pleasant suprise when we were handed a cup of what appeared to be vanilla custard with small pieces of red velvet cake in it. It was an even MORE pleasant suprise to find the custard actually tasted like cream-cheese frosting (which sounds gross, but is actually good).

The dissapointing thing was that the proportions were off. We wanted more red velvet cake chunks (as a cake is mostly, well, cake, with some frosting, whereas this tasted like all frosting with a bit of cake.) Still, pretty tasty.

Rating: 3

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