The Custard Files: Cavaillon Melon

cavaillon melon

cavaillon melon

August is full of great sounding flavors! Melon! Basil! and if you missed it at the beginning of the summer, go back for Salted Caramel!

We decided to start august off with the Cavaillon Melon.  Julianna did a little bit of research and it seems that a Cavaillon Melon is more or less a fancy name for a small french cantaloupe. And like many things from France, it can only be called a Cavaillon if it comes from Cavaillon.  Since Shake Shack tries to obtain most of their ingredients from local producer’s, we hope these aren’t true Cavaillons.

On to the taste testing.

Vanessa had to be somewhere by 6 so we decided to just split a cup and walk to Union Square while we ate it. Although we both love melon and were excited to try this flavor, we were nervous about melon in a rich dairy  environment.  We tried to push our hesitation aside since we were recently proven wrong by Sweet Corn. Unfortunately, this was no Sweet Corn.  The custard was pretty enough, a  pale orange (Vanessa had been hoping for something a little brighter!). We are no super-tasters, but the initial taste seemed indistinguishable from cantaloupe. That would have been fine if it hadn’t been for the after taste.  Vanessa described it as such “vaguely medicinal, but not like Robitussin. More like when you get a pill stuck in your throat and it doesn’t have a sugar-coating, bitter.”  The custard  also left strange filmy feeling in your mouth, Julianna thought it  similar to the feeling  you get after eating a cheap doughnut, oily and chemical.  This all seemed odd since Shake Shack doesn’t use artificial flavors in their custards. We could only blame it on the combination of a strongly flavored melon and the rich eggy custard. Certain flavors just don’t mix well. Lets hope Basil works out better!

Rating: 1


August 9, 2010. Tags: , , , , . The Custard Files.

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  1. adriennefriend replied:

    eek! how sad. the basil idea sounds scary too.

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