The Custard Files: Sweet Corn

sweet corn

sweet corn frozen custard

We were extremely apprehensive about this, and assumed it would be Momofuku Milk Bar-esque (their soft-serve flavors have included cereal milk, peach tea, and stuffing) situation–weirdly kitschy, fun to eat for about two seconds until you realize it is just too strange to continue. Vanessa conjectured that Sweet Corn custard might taste like Corn Pops cereal–which Julianna is not a fan of. With this in mind, we didn’t even get a milkshake, but instead opted to share one serving.

Oh, but how wrong we were! It was a perfect blend of salty and sweet, with a real, rich custard taste and just a hint of corn flavor.  It was both unique and delicious–a hard combination to pull off. Clearly we were being punished for being such timid testers. After quickly finishing our shared helping of Sweet Corn, we agreed that we still didn’t really want it in a milkshake. What we did want was the custard slathered with hot caramel topping (and perhaps chocolate sauce because, as Julianna says, everything is better with chocolate). In any case, we are sure the caramel would make in even more intensely salty-sweet.

Rating: 5!


July 21, 2010. Tags: , , , , . The Custard Files.

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  1. kristen replied:

    omg i want that.

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