The Custard Files: Boston Cream Pie

Before the sampling began, Vanessa had to explain what real Boston Cream Pie was to Julianna (who had only ever had the doughnut, but not the real thing): a cake with vanilla pudding or custard between the layers, topped with a chocolate glaze or ganache.  We wondered, as we often do, how they were going to pull this flavor off–it seemed complicated. The result was a custard that tasted vaguely of cake batter (that flavor was stronger in the plain custard than the shake), and had a hint of chocolate. It was pretty good, but the problem with cake batter-flavored things is, they never seems to quite measure up to real cake batter (and this didn’t either).  We do, however, applaud Shake Shake for attempting such a specific flavor.

Rating: 3


July 8, 2010. Tags: , , , , . The Custard Files, Uncategorized.

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