The Custard Files: Flan

We love flan. So we were disappointed that this tasted more like an egg custard than the traditional, caramel-y Spanish flan. It’s not that it wasn’t tasty, it just was kind of confusing.

The initial flavor was nutmeg, reminding us of southern egg custard Julianna’s mom makes from the Amy Vanderbilt Cookbook. And after a while, we started to notice a kind of lemon-yogurt taste.

Because the flavor is more like traditional custard than flan, it loses points for the misnomer.

Initially the citrus-y aspect made the milkshake better than the plain custard. But eating it with a cone actually turned out to be preferable–the custard already is kind of pie filling-esque, so the cone acted as the “crust” and provided good contrast.

In the end, the cloying sweetness of the flavor got to us, but we’ll bet it would be good sandwiched between some gingersnaps.

Rating: 2


May 24, 2010. Tags: , , , , . The Custard Files.

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