The Custard Files: Mud Pie

Monday’s special flavor was mud pie. Once we had purchased our custard in a cone (which came littered with Oreo pieces) and shake (which did not), we realized that we weren’t sure what actual mud pie was supposed to taste like. We knew chocolate was involved, but that’s about it. Julianna insisted her school cafeteria used to make it with pudding and marshmallows–but then, cafeteria recipes often include mysterious elements that do not exist in the real-life versions. Vanessa thought that coffee might be one of the main flavors–but didn’t have a good reason to back that up. So we decided to do some research (thank God for iPhones).

The Interwebs revealed that mud pie is ice cream-based (usually vanilla),  topped with fudge sauce and Oreos, and situated in an Oreo crust. And this custard wasn’t too far off–it tasted like  a black-and-white (vanilla blended with chocolate sauce), which was a good base for the Oreos. So the shake lost major points for not having cookie bits in it–it tasted pretty generic.

We admit, we were expecting a more intense chocolate flavor, but the custard is so rich, if it had been more chocolate-y we never would have been able to finish it. And that would have been a tragedy.

Rating: 3


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The Custard Files: Flan

We love flan. So we were disappointed that this tasted more like an egg custard than the traditional, caramel-y Spanish flan. It’s not that it wasn’t tasty, it just was kind of confusing.

The initial flavor was nutmeg, reminding us of southern egg custard Julianna’s mom makes from the Amy Vanderbilt Cookbook. And after a while, we started to notice a kind of lemon-yogurt taste.

Because the flavor is more like traditional custard than flan, it loses points for the misnomer.

Initially the citrus-y aspect made the milkshake better than the plain custard. But eating it with a cone actually turned out to be preferable–the custard already is kind of pie filling-esque, so the cone acted as the “crust” and provided good contrast.

In the end, the cloying sweetness of the flavor got to us, but we’ll bet it would be good sandwiched between some gingersnaps.

Rating: 2

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The Custard Files: Salted Caramel

On Fridays in May the Shake Shack’s special flavor is salted caramel, and it was this flavor that inspired The Custard Files project. Sadly, we only tried it in milkshake form so we can’t give it a complete review. Also, we forgot to take a picture.  So imagine a light-brown frozen custard blended into a delicious milkshake. That’s right, I said delicious.  Tastes like what it is, salty and sweet. Good, but like most good, rich things, you don’t want to eat too much of it.

Since you only have two more opportunities to eat on a Friday (and possibly forever, since Shake Shack’s custard calendar rotates), we say, “DO IT! it’s like a million degrees outside, don’t you want a  milkshake?”

Rating: 3.5 (averaged on julianna’s 4 and vanessa’s 3)

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What is this? Can’t you spell desert?

It started with a milk shake. Well, more than a just a shake–a Friday afternoon, a milk shake, french fries, and a deep-fried cheese-stuffed portobello mushroom burger and two girls realizing just how much they love dessert.

There is a lot of good food in New York and a whole lot of good dessert. So, we are going to taste and review one sweet thing a week until we run out (which will probably be never). Our inaugural project is “The Custard Files”: an attempt to try one flavor of Shake Shack frozen custard every week until we have tried them all (except for anything raspberry–which Julianna hates, or anything mango, which Vanessa can’t stand).

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